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Staff Direction
Jun 26, 2018 7:30 PM

Discussion to provide staff direction regarding parcel designation in the NE Quadrant of the County Grounds


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Meeting History

Jun 26, 2018 7:30 PM Video Community Affairs Committee Regular Meeting
draft Draft

Ald. Stippich introduced the item. He reviewed the issue to remove the "stall" in the process by modifying the plan to accommodate changes previously discussed and proceed with adoption of the plan. The request is to direct staff to revise the plan to identify the desire to protect and preserve certain areas in the Northeast Quadrant and move the revised plan for Plan Commission review and approval by the Common Council.

Members of the public were present to thank City Staff, the Committee, and those who worked hard in the process of rezoning, protecting and preserving this land for future land use as Special Purpose District-Conservation with exceptions noted. Those that expressed their thanks and shared their satisfaction with forwarding the revised plan were:

· Dain Maddox, 105 N. 88th Street

· Barb Agnew, 2276 N. 63rd Street

· Cheryl Nenn, 2400 N. 58th Street

· Barb Schoenherr, 1324 N. 74th Street

· Peter Gaveras, 1244 N 86th Street

· Jeremy Katz, 1418 N. 66th Street

Those people that submitted comment in support of conservation of this land but did not speak were:

· Rita Reinke, 1848 Ludington Avenue

· Jonathan Gundlach, 1250 N. 85th Street

· Andrew Spahr, 1279 N. 85th Street

· John Davis, 1253 N. 85th Street

· Jim Maurer, 1839-41 Ludington Avenue

Ms. Enders explained that any text inconsistent with the future land use map and rezoning to Special Purpose District-Conservation would be modified. She also stated that if there are any conditions or concerns pertaining to this specific item, whether from Committee or citizenry, would be considered before sending this to Plan Commission for review.

Ms. Enders mentioned the conservation easements, the parceling off in order to re-zone would be part of the implementation.

It was moved by Ald. Wilke, seconded by Ald. Hanson to remove the Wauwatosa Life Sciences District Master Plan from its current "hold" status and provide direction to the Development Department Staff as follows: i) modify the portion of the plan that relates to the Northeast Quadrant consistent with the attached map identifying the primary future land use for this area as Special Purpose District - Conservation;

ii) finalize the balance of the plan to appropriately reference the Northeast Quadrant; and iii) promptly introduce the final Wauwatosa Life Sciences District Master Plan to the City's Plan Commission for review with the following conditions:

· Continued dialog with the stakeholders (representative of the county ground coalition)

to keep concerns/requests in consideration as the plan is modified prior to plan commission.

· Consideration of the Natural Resource Report from SEWRPC and the existing Guidelines

of the Habitat Protection Plan to recognize habitat and species concerns to prevent impact.

· Include and prioritize in the implementation /action steps: pursue rezoning parcels of the NE Quadrant SP-Conservancy (including CSM required) - pursue preservation in perpetuity all parcels SP-Conservancy

· The conditions of the May 9, 2017 CAC hold action (especially #2 and #4) are still upheld in the event any development proposal in the NE Quadrant comes forward prior to Wauwatosa Life Sciences District Plan is adopted.

Committee discussion clarified that Ald. Wilke's motion, with the added conditions, gets the process going in order to adopt a plan that will amend the Comprehensive Plan and protect this land as Special Purpose District-Conservation.

Ms. Enders stated that the Development Departments intention was to take the outstanding "hold" items and put them into implementation in the draft Master Plan.

Mr. Kesner commented that the best way to manage implementation of those conditions is to direct Staff to redraft the plan as it was previously drafted, take those conditions into account as part of that, and when the process is completed, the Council will have opportunity to determine whether the conditions have been appropriately addressed before approval.

Vote on the motion: Ayes: 8

MOVER:Jason Wilke, Alderman
SECONDER:Tim Hanson, Alderman
AYES:Kathleen Causier, Tim Hanson, Joel Tilleson, Cheryl Berdan, Jason Wilke, Matthew Stippich, Michael Walsh, Kelly Rifelj